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Finding the Perfect Costume for Your Pet Based on Your Personality

Looking for a Halloween costume for your pet?  There are so many fun options, it can be hard to decide what to dress your pet in for Halloween. No need to get your gears in a crunch, I’m here to help you choose the perfect costume for your dog or cat based on your personality.  Just find the personality that best describes you, and you’ll find the perfect costume right below it!

Not Festive, but You Love Your Dog!

If Halloween isn’t really your thing, don’t dress your dog in a costume.  Instead make their day with a GIANT TENNIS BALL! Let’s be real, costumes aren’t for everyone, pets included.  If your pup doesn’t enjoy dressing up for the holidays, give them something else to get excited about.

giant tennis ball for dogs

Giant Tennis Ball: $12.99

Pairs well with: No costume, Tennis Player or Clifford the Big Red Dog costume.

Brave and Confident

If you’re someone that just exudes confidence, the Lion Mane is the costume for you and your pet!  I’m not “LION”, even shy pets will have more confidence when they’re wearing a mane! This one makes a fun costume all year, not just for Halloween.

lion mane costume for dogs or cats

Lion Mane Costume: $8.99

Pairs well with: Tiger, bear, or any Wizard of Oz character costumes.


If you like to bring joy to the world, the Lobster or Banana are for you! These costumes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, and we know that really makes your day.  Having trouble choosing one? Which costume are you more likely to dress as … a mermaid or a monkey?  Still having a tough time deciding?  Get them both!

Dost costume lobster redLobster Costume: $19.99

dog costume banana yellow

Banana Costume: $19.99

Pairs well with: Mermaid, monkey, steak, fruit ... any food or sea creature costume really.

The Adventurer

You like to hike the most exclusive trails, you have vacations planned based on your bucket list for the next 5 years, and you celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day (who doesn’t?!). If you are someone that likes to adventure, and you often bring your pup with you, the Pirate costume is for you! Turn your pup into a swashbuckling hero this Halloween!

Pirate Costume: $14.99

Pairs well with: Pirate, Peter Pan, Crocodile, or “Pirate Booty” costumes.

J.O.E: Jammies Over Everything

If you’re someone that prefers comfort over just about anything, the pet hoodie is the costume for you and your pet! We have 3 to choose from and honestly, they can be worn all year long! Choose between a pumpkin, Halloween themed, or the Spider costume hoodie. All of them will make sure your pet is warm and cozy this holiday season.

cozy pumpkin hoodie for dogs

Pumpkin Hoodie: $19.99

Halloween Hoodie: $19.99

 Spider Hoodie: $17.99

Pairs well with: pajamas, leggings and a hoodie, or any last-minute DIY costume.

Life of the Party

Yeeehaw! You are always down for some fun, and your pupper is usually right alongside you! If you like to boot scoot around the dance floor and are up for a rootin’ tootin’ good time, then this is the costume for you and your pet. Turn your dog or cat into a stallion with this cowboy rider costume.  You can choose to hold a hat like a true cowboy, or a bag of money like a bad boy!  The choice is yours!

Cowboy Rider Costume: $19.99

Pairs well with: Robber, Horse, Cows, or Cowgirl.

Whichever costume you decide to dress your pet in, I hope you both get lots of candy and have tons of fun this Halloween!  Make sure to tag me in your Halloween pictures! I love seeing everyone's costumes!

To purchase any of these costumes, you can click on the picture and it will take you directly to the products page!

- Bob Thingamabobs

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