signal blocking pouch to hide your key while surfing
signal blocking pouch to hide your key while surfing RFID signal blocking car fob holder, can also be used for credit cards. A great gift by Thingamabobs key fob signal blocker for smart key fobs RFID signal blocking key hider with 3m adhesive and velco to store under your car Protect your keyless entry car with an RFID signal blocking pouch signal blocking key hider for surfers at the beach RFID blocking faraday pouch protect your smart key fob with a signal blocking key hider at home Stylish signal blocking theif protection key fob holder rfid signal blocker to prevent car theft for smart key fobs Signal Blocking Key Hider stylish rfid wallet
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Signal Blocking Key Hider

This Signal Blocking Key Hider Pouch is a protective storage pouch that features a unique RFID blocking material that prevents the transmission of wireless signals, making this the ideal option to hide your spare key. The pouch securely adheres to any surface, so you can safely store your spare key in or on your vehicle while preventing RFID key fobs from automatically locking, unlocking or starting the ignition. Attach it to your key ring so you can store your smart key fob at home to save battery life when you're not using it.

Why You Need It: Anti-theft

The RFID blocking material protects your key fob when not in use preserving your battery life and preventing theft. Car thieves within range can use your key fob’s wireless signal to steal your car. Place your keys inside the pouch at home to stop them from stealing your signal and keep your car safe.

Read more about how keyless entry cars are stolen here.

Hide Your Spare Key Fob:

The pouch securely adheres to most surfaces using high quality adhesive material and an extra strong hook and loop system, so you can store your spare key either hidden on your vehicle (in the wheel well or undercarriage) or intentionally lock it inside.  This is a great option for surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Newer key fobs feature an anti-lockout function, which prevents you from accidentally locking your keys in your car. Prevent the anti-lockout function for a day outdoors by placing your fob inside the signal blocking pouch and intentionally lock your doors with your keys inside. This keeps expensive key fobs safe from the elements while at the beach, hiking, etc. Be sure you know your entry keypad code to gain access to your vehicle when you return.

Protect Smart Key Fobs:

Have you ever walked outside to see that your windows are down or your trunk is open?  Place your smart key fob inside the Signal Blocking Key Hider to block your signal from being transmitted while in your pocket.  Store your key inside the signal blocker whenever it's not in use to prevent an unnecessary signal transmission.  This saves key fob battery life and stops you from accidentally pressing buttons.

How it works: 

Signal Blocking Key Fob Protector

Minimalist RFID Wallet:

Also use the Signal Blocking Key Hider Pouch to store credit and debit cards in your purse or pocket to prevent thieves with digital readers from electronically accessing your credit card information and stop them from stealing your money.


Designed with water-resistant stylish oxford fabric and two separate pockets to help keep items organized. Note: only the metallic-lined pocket prevents the transmission of wireless signals. Makes a great minimalist wallet. Available in oxford black.

Our Signal Blocking Key Hider has also been featured in the news!



Dimensions: 5" x 3.8" x 0.5"

Weight: 1.12oz

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Learn more about RFID technology and why is it important to protect your key fobs and credit cards on our blog: THINGAMABLOG.


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