How the Touchless Brass Door Opener & Stylus is changing the way we do things.

Many are making their way back out into the world, some at a slower pace than others, and that’s ok.  Going back to work is a great feeling that I hope all of you are blessed with soon.  That being said, I am learning that the world is understandably different.  I am getting more comfortable wearing a mask, giving people more space, and being conscious of surfaces I am touching.  When you start to pay attention you realize how quickly and easily germs and microbes spread.  Just going to the grocery store, I find myself touching over a dozen surfaces that probably over a dozen other people touched before me. Being in the office there are doors and handles all around that we all touch multiple times a day.

In walks the Touchless Brass Door Opener & Stylus.  This tool is really neat!  It allows you to go to the grocery store, the office, gas station, anywhere and limit the number of public surfaces you come in contact with.  Thus, slowing down the spread of germs, microbes, and viruses.  It’s made of brass which in inherently antimicrobial.

The best way to use this tool is to attach it to a key reel and slide it on a belt or pocket.  This makes it easily accessible to use when you need it, without cross contaminating other items on your keychain that you will touch with your hands.  When you need to open a door, press a button, or even sign your name on a touch screen, you can use the Touchless Brass Door Opener & Stylus without ever touching those surfaces with your hands. Make sure to continue to wash your hands and wipe down your tool when you feel it’s necessary.

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