Hot New Item: Keychain Purse Clip

I am so excited to have this product exclusively on Thingamabobs!

It’s super neat, functional, and really stylish!


How it works:

The Keychain Purse Clip is just what it sounds like.  It’s a keychain that clips to your purse.  Freaking genius! This product is super neat because instead of losing your keys inside of a large handbag, gym bag, or backpack, you can clip them to the top of the bag so they’re easy to find!  You simply slide it on your key ring, clip it to the top of your bag, and you are good to go!


The most obvious way to use the keychain purse clip is as a keychain … clipped to your purse.  However, there are tons of other great uses for this item!  You can clip it to your gym bag when you go to the gym.  This works great, because unlike purses, many gym bags don’t have smaller inside pockets to store smaller things like your keys!  You can also clip it to your shopping cart while shopping if you’re just popping into Target and don’t want to bring your entire purse.  Another great option when running into a store quickly, is to simply clip your keys onto you shirt, belt, or a pocket.  This works great for women, because usually the pockets in women's clothing are not big enough to comfortably fit a set of keys inside.

How to get one:

The Keychain Purse Clip is only sold through, you can go to the link below to purchase.  There are 8 designs curated with empowering words in mind, reminding you to be your best self!

  • Be Wise (Owl). Owls are symbols of fierce intelligence and wisdom. A wise person offers knowledge, experience, understanding, intuition, and insight with a thoughtful, quiet patience that we can all hope to embody.

  • Be Resilient (Sprout). A plant sprout is a symbol of growth and represents new hope and a fresh start. Just as a plant sprouts up through a mere crack in the concrete, so we must be resilient through tough times, overcome obstacles, and continue to thrive wherever and however we can.

  • Be Tranquil (Lotus). The Lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and represents a calm, peaceful state of mind. We could all remember to take a deep breath and let go of anxiety, worry, and fear and allow ourselves to be tranquil in the current moment.

  • Be Adventurous (Mountains). Mountains are a symbol of divine inspiration and spiritual elevation and represent obstacles and achievement. Without adventurous risks, we cannot ever hope to accomplish all that we were meant to in this life.

  • Be Compassionate (Mandala). Mandalas symbolize unity and harmony and are considered a symbolic picture of the universe. We can all strive to be more compassionate with every word and every action, and create moments of harmony and peace every day.

  • Be Joyful (Hummingbird). Hummingbirds are symbols of good luck and joy and represent a tireless pursuit for finding sweetness. Joy may not always be easily attainable, but if we can find joy in the small things of life, happiness will surround us.

  • Be Unique (Unicorn). Unicorns are a symbol of magic, miracles and enchantment and represent a uniqueness unlike any other. Everyone has a uniqueness all their own, and an unparalleled realness is achieved when those qualities are fully embraced.

  • Be Passionate (Heart). The heart is a popular symbol for love and affection and also represents strong emotions and passions. By following our dreams and pursuing our passions, we can lead a life with true meaning and purpose.


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