TLDR: You're accidentally pressing buttons on your car key fob or smart key.  You need the Signal Blocking Key Hider to stop this.  You can buy it here. Or on Amazon here.

Trunk Randomly Opens Itself?

Have you ever walked outside to your car, and realized the trunk is wide open!? Your trunk must have opened on its own, wrong! This USED TO happen to me more than I would like to admit!

TLDR: You're accidentally pressing buttons on your car key fob or smart key.  You need the Signal Blocking Key Hider to stop this.  You can buy it here. Or on Amazon here.

Technology, man!

It’s nice to have the technology available to open your trunk from far away, and even to remote start your car … where are my MidWest Winter peeps at??? However, sometimes technology bites us in the trunk! Thanks to RFID we are all leaving our trunk and vehicle open to the public.  This can put you in a bit of a pickle if there’s a sneaky car thief lurking around.

What’s happening here? Your key fob is always broadcasting a signal to your car. So when it’s in your pocket, the button to open the trunk is easily pressed.  You don’t even have to be very close to the car, and often times this button is very sensitive.  Simply dropping your keys in your purse, can set this off. Your trunk seemingly opens itself for who knows how long, making everything in your car that much easier to snatch.

The Solution:

The Signal Blocking Key Hider to save the day!  By placing your key fob in this RFID signal blocking pouch, you are keeping your key fob from transmitting the signal to your car.  So now when you accidentally bump the trunk open button, your car won't receive the message!  This keeps your trunk closed during the day, and also prevents pesky car thieves from capturing your RFID signal and stealing your car.

Keep your key fob in this key hider when you are not using it to protect your signal.  You can also put credit cards in this wallet-like pouch to keep your bank account safe from theft.

Signal Blocking Pro Tip:

When you go somewhere and don’t have a place to put your key, like the beach or lake, hide it under your car with the signal blocking key hider!  It comes with a hook and loop fastening system side that can easily be attached to the bottom of your car.  You don’t have to worry about the car being unlocked or started, because the signal blocking material will keep the signal from broadcasting.  If you have a car with a keypad for entry, you can even lock your keys INSIDE the car in this pouch.  Since the fob signal is being blocked, your car won’t know it’s in there and you can lock your doors.

- Bob Thingamabobs

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